Twentysix is a boutique design studio that brings creative ideas to life in a digital sphere

We tailor concepts for your specific needs, balancing design discipline with the optimal user experience. Our mission is to meld compelling ideas, across a range of industries, with optimal digital user experiences to create high quality web and mobile applications. For each and every project, our process encompasses a thoughtful approach, resulting in a high quality web or mobile app that resonates with your target audience and delivers solid results.

Our process


Let’s start by getting to know one another. What are the requirements and expectations surrounding your digital presence? We’re all ears, and eager to learn more. Then we’ll do some homework on the best approach, based on an analysis of your market, competitive landscape and brand positioning.


Here’s where it gets technical. We’ll organize the content in line with the design aesthetics, user functionality and market context. We will consider software flow and conduct wireframing, creating a blueprint of the website or app that incorporates user experience (UX) design – meaning it’s easy and pleasing to use.


This step is all about the creative direction and visual concept design of the web or mobile app. Let’s have some fun tweaking, playing and trying a few different things to come up with a mock up and prototype that best represents your brand.


We keep up to date with the latest technology, choosing the most appropriate platform for the job. Our customized systems fulfil clients’ requirements, as well as optimize user experiences, from websites and commerce platforms to mobile applications.


We thoroughly test and subsequently launch the app. And the final step is to compile and analyse the results, make appropriate adjustments and offer ongoing maintenance and support.



We’re keeping busy! Below are some recent projects that we have launched.

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